Bibenda awards our oils

Bibenda awards our oils

Bibenda awards our oils

Uliva and 46º Parallelo Biologico receive the "5 Gocce" prize

news & events date20/02/2023

The first awards are arriving for our oils that entered national and international competitions.

Recently, Bibenda's I migliori oli extravergine d'Italia ("Italy's Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils") guide awarded the prestigious "Gocce" prize not to one, but to two of our oils, Uliva and 46° Parallelo Biologico, confirming the quality of the work of our members in the olive grove and our technical staff in the mill.

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5 Spheres for our Trentodoc Riserva 
99/100 for our Casaliva monovarietal olive oil. 
The "Oli d'Italia 2023" guide rewards 46º Parallelo Monovarietale, Biologico e Uliva DOP Garda Trentino. 

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